#15 Star Wars day

Hello again!

So last week was Star Wars day! Every year our friends meet up in one of our houses & watch all the films… It’s a proper marathon! To get myself through these marathons I take the opportunity to have a FULL day stitching!

This year I wanted to start something new & also make it related to Star Wars, so off to Etsy I went & I found a cute little owl chart with a Star Wars theme… I thought it was perfect as I’m pretty obsessed with owls as well 🙂

Below is what I was able to complete on Star Wars day… Probably about 50% of it!

Sorry for the quality of the photo! My friends wanted to keep the light fairly dim which was challenging at times!

I was thinking of leaving this project until the next Star Wars day to finish & I could then stamp the date on each owl… What do you think? Part of me wants to finish it sooner rather than later… I’m not sure… I’ll maybe see where the mood takes me!

Did anyone else take part in the film marathon on May 4th? Has anyone stitched anything related to a film?

Kim x


#14 WIP Wednesday *13.05.15*

Hello there everyone!

I’m aware I haven’t posted for a number of weeks- sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been on holiday & then settling back into work. I spent 2 amazing, sunny weeks in Morocco & had a fantastic time! (minus the snakes). I did however make the unfortunate mistake of not taking any cross stitch stuff away with me… So i spent 2 weeks missing my cross stitch & reading far too many books… it was lovely! 🙂

I have now been back in work for a week today & thought it was about time that I updated this wonderful blog on what I have been doing… which to be honest.. sadly isn’t that much.

I have decided that it was about time to pick up a WIP I started in January & start working on it again. It’s called ‘Tandem Wedding sampler’ & I’ve convinced myself the design is by Joan Elliott but I can’t find anywhere on the chart that tells me it’s her! Ok, I’m blind… its definitely Joan’s… I’m not surprised really as she is by far my favourite designer 🙂 so below is a picture I took on Monday afternoon, it’s mainly the groom I have been working on for the last few days. Work is busy at the moment so I’m not stitching as much as I would like… to be fair that may be an excuse… I was off all day yesterday & didn’t complete a single stitch… 😦

Tandem Wedding sampler

It says with the chart that this should take approx 40 hours to complete… it’s totally going to take me closer to 100 the rate I’m going. It’s for a friends wedding in August… so I still have time!

Have any of you completed a wedding sampler for friend of family member before? Please share your pictures or links below so I can take a look 🙂

Anyway, while I sulk & search for my stitching mojo I hope you are all having a productive week of stitching & I look forward to catching up on all the work you have been doing the last few weeks!

Happy Wednesday!!