#28 Happy Friday folks!

Hey folks,

Happy Friday 🙂

I hope you have lots of stitchy plans this weekend!

I’m so excited that it’s Friday night! There’s nothing like two days off with the only plan being to drink wine, watch Netflix & Stitch 😀

I hope you all have a lovely weekend xx

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Found via Google

4 thoughts on “#28 Happy Friday folks!

  1. Well…says this cross stitcher, actually. I’ve worked on simultaneous projects once in about 30 years, because I had to start a gift for someone before i finished an in-progress one. I disliked doing more than one at a time, and I doubt I ever will again. 🙂


    1. Then you have pretty good self control! I usually have a big project plus small ones on the go in the background. Saying that, I have about 3-4 big projects that haven’t been finished. Oh to be a crafter!


      1. I think it would take me more self-control to make myself do multiple projects. *laugh* I really didn’t enjoy it. I’m not sure why. I’m not that way about most other things; I read two or three books at a time, watch movies while I stitch…but only one project at a time.

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      2. See I Cannot have more than one book or the go… But I can totally stitch & watch something- however I think I probably listen more than I stitch 🙂


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