#29 Happy Wednesday 

Happy Wednesday Stitchers ☺️

I hope this week finds you all well & happy! 

Last night I flew home to Southampton for the week so I’m back home staying with my parents again which is really nice 🙂 

I’m currently sat on the sofa in my poncho (totally a portable blanket) watching ‘A Knights Tale’ & I’ve just unpacked my cross stitch to make some more progress. Cross Stitch Heaven ☺️

I made some great progress this weekend with my Teddy Sampler. Have a look: 

It got to the point that I thought it would be a good idea to start the back stitch! Look how it pops! I think on Sunday when I started the back stitch was when I finally fell in love with this project ☺️

Monday night I also put together the card I made for my friends wedding. Here’s the final piece: 

I had to add the hearts to make it look less bare! What do you think??

Anyway, I best get on with my stitching! 

How are you all getting on this week? I do enjoy browsing the WIP posts 🙂

Whilst home I’ve brought with me the teddy sampler, a few Christmas card designs to stitch & my DMC threads to bobbinate… Yes, wishful thinking that I’ll get all that done! But there really is nothing worse than not bringing enough home 🙂 

Happy stitching! 

Kim X 


6 thoughts on “#29 Happy Wednesday 

  1. Sounds like you are having a great week at home stitching! Your bear and wedding card look great. I agree back stitch really does make a project ‘pop’. I’ve hardly stitched this week as I’ve been working a lot. Hoping to get more done at the weekend and next week 🙂

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    1. Ah I know the feeling! As soon as I’m on a later shift I don’t get to stitch! I actually enjoy stitching the back stitch because of the effect it has 🙂 fingers crossed you get some stitching time soon x

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      1. Oh don’t! I’m saving for a wedding & was hoping to do home made gifts & I haven’t even started! Although being in my parents house is giving me inspiration for them 🙂 what gift ideas do you have? Any tips I can steal? Xx


      2. I’m doing a one for my sister and my mum, they are in my wip blog from last weekend. And I’ve also been asked by a friend at work to do one for her sister in laws new baby so I have that to start! Least the old winter nights are coming, they are perfect for sewing xx

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