#30 We went on an adventure! 

Today has been a good Thursday! Today I spent the day in London exploring with my fiancé for our 5 year anniversary! We went to the London Dugeons, Camden Market & general exploring 🙂 A great day! 💜

The only thing I always miss when out shopping & exploring is a decent craft store! It really is sad that craft stores are so  far & few between. I certainly didn’t see any on my travels today & I’m forced to go online for my crafty needs 😐

Do any of you have a decent craft store near you, or are you forced to shop online? 

Anyway, For throwback this week I thought I’d share a small pattern I completed last year. Once I completed this one I made it into a card. Before the one I posted yesterday I think this was the last one I made. Here it is: 

Isn’t she cute? 

I really need to make cards more often! They’re small projects that give you the satisfaction of a finish & it doubles up as a gift as well! 

I made this one for a friend last year & it was made as a birthday/Christmas card ☺️ The design was a free chart that came with World of cross stitching… I think. Please correct me if I’m wrong. 

I think cross stitch cards are probably the most common gift I make for friends & family. Who doesn’t like receiving a good card?(I really am one of those people that keeps every card I’m given ☺️)

What cards have you made? Share your links below so we can take a look ☺️

I hope this post finds you all well! 



2 thoughts on “#30 We went on an adventure! 

  1. I have never made a cross stitch card 😦 I definitely should remedy that and make that a goal in 2016. They are so cute and like you said they probably go really quick. Your little fairy is so sweet. How could the recipient not smile at that?


    1. Exactly! it’s just a quick stitch & useful to do when you are loosing stitchy motivation on larger projects. I usually have a big project on the go & do small cards when I am having a break from it. That way I’m not distracted too long but have the great feeling of a finish 🙂


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