#41 The Angel of Cross Stitch

How beautiful is this?! Xx

Joan Elliott

© The Angel of Cross Stitch

JE200 © The Angel of Cross Stitch

Sorry for the delay but here she is…finally!  The Angel of Cross Stitch uses the full palette of DMC six strand embroidery floss, 454 colors! This will surely be a labor of love should you choose to stitch her. It is a wonderful way to dig into your stash and use the left over bits and pieces of floss you’ve been saving all these years. Originally designed in 1999 for the now gone Cross Stitcher magazine in the USA, I have given her an update by including the DMC colors that have been added since that time and deleting any discontinued colors. Even if you do not have all the colors, this design is flexible enough to substitute what you have for many of the stitches. I’ve refined some lines in the face and hands so she has a bit more delicate look than…

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3 thoughts on “#41 The Angel of Cross Stitch

  1. Wow – all 454 DMC colours??!! Are you going to stitch this Kim? I would but I’ve got too many in my to-stitch list as it is 😦 plus I don’t own all 454 DMC colours so maybe it’s one for the future for me when I own a few more colours and it won’t be such an expense


    1. I would love to stitch this! I 💙 Joan Elliott designs but sadly I have far too many unfinished projects & I’m about to start two stitch alongs in January! This is definitely on a waiting list though ☺️ xx


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