Childbirth: Fact vs Fiction

Just a quick ramble this evening.

Tomorrow I’m 39 weeks pregnant & I’m probably as ready as I’ll ever be.

That being said, my inner teenager is still there wanting to read all the baby books I’ve not finished so I can cram last minute facts about labour & looking after a newborn baby but currently, I’m resisting!

I started maternity leave just under two weeks ago & I’ve watched A LOT of TV on Amazon & Netflix. Something that I’m noticing on my watching binges is the number of labour scenes out there in film & TV that aren’t remotely accurate!

Why is something that happens every day so inaccurate on tv?

Here are a few things I’m picturing wrong with these labour scenes.

1. Waters breaking. There seem to be far too many scenes that come to mind where the first sign of labour the woman has is a very dramatic scene of their waters breaking. From all the research I’ve done (because I’m that mum to be) it’s unlikely to happen this way. I’m far more likely to have other symptoms before my waters break & if my waters breaking is the first sign of labour there’s no guarantee it’ll be a massive gush. It could be a trickle.

This scene from the Sex in the city movie always comes to mind when I think of waters breaking.

2. The Timing. I’ve just watched an episode of Bones where Temperance gives birth to baby Christine. This isn’t the first labour scene I’ve watched on Bones this week but this one annoyed me a little. She suddenly believes she’s in labour, gets in the car & then can’t make it 10 miles to the nearest hospital… again, that seems unlikely. I’m sure a lot of this is done was for entertainment purposes but still sets a bit of unrealistic expectation of how quick labour is likely to be.

3. The position woman gives birth in.

This is the last & biggest pet peeve I currently have. Why do they always have the woman giving birth on her back?! That apparently is the most uncomfortable position to be in whilst birthing & not necessarily the most productive.

The last thing I want to do at 39 weeks pregnant is laying on my back. It’s uncomfortable & makes me feel like a turtle stuck on my back!

I need to take into consideration that I haven’t yet gone through the milestone of giving birth & I know I’m being a bit of a Hermione relying heavily on books rather than experience. But it’s annoying!

Mums & Dads out there that have experienced the joys of childbirth, what do you think? Surely it must come across as inaccurate & a little frustrating to watch, especially when you’ve experienced it!

Let me know your thoughts? After thousands of years of women giving birth, why do you think they still get it wrong on tv?

Thanks for stopping by

Kim xx

Photos courtesy of Pinterest & Giphy.


7 thoughts on “Childbirth: Fact vs Fiction

  1. I spent most of my labour time on my hands and knees in one position or another. Only right at the end of labour did I find delivery on my back to work best (for me). We’re all different in what works, but the fictional labour scenes are usually pretty rubbish and stereotyped.

    Good luck! Do what feels right for you at the time. 🙂

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      1. Just let us know what topic u would want to talk about, and if u have Instagram message us @soontobemommies2019 or I can give u an email to send to

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