well well well…

5 months later almost to the day & I FINALLY get the motivation & energy up to write again. Ive been toying with the idea for a few weeks but all sorts of things got in the way… I couldn’t find my mac charger, I potentially wanted to write on paper rather than typing, Percy wasn’t sleeping well… you name it, I’ve had the excuse. but ultimately, I’m back & it seems i can still just about remember how type haha


Reading back over my last two posts definitely makes me smile! (Click here for my last post) I remember being so so frustrated that Percy wasn’t here yet & didn’t make the most of those weeks leading up to him arriving as much as I should have.. I knew that would always be the case. I can’t believe I’ve been off work for about 6 months & I have a 5 month old baby! So much to talk about & absolutely no structure in this brain of mine to do it!! It’s all a little chaotic.

Let’s start with the basics first…

I’m now a mama to a beautiful smiley boy called Percy

He’s 5 months old

It’s everything & also nothing like I expected it to be

I’m tired all the time (original I know right?)

I’m bored but also not most days…

The days & weeks are going very fast but sometimes the day feels like it will ever end

Naturally, I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂

Over coming days no doubt I’ll share more with you all about my labour, being a mum & general updates about my cross stitch & reading. Bonus of not writing for quite some time is that I’ve got plenty to talk about.

I hope this post finds you all well & i’m looking forward to catching up & seeing where you are all up to!

Kim xxx



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