I’m not new but…

I’m not new but it’s definitely been too long since I last posted. So I’m slinking back in & have written this post as if I’m brand new because you know… it has been that long! (18 months ish)

Hi there,

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Kim, I’m a 31 year old mummy to a beautiful boy named Percy (He’ll be 2 next month!!) who lives in Manchester.

Like the rest of the world I’m just trying to muddle through the pandemic whilst juggling a full time job, toddler and navigating the constant wave of emotions that comes with being locked down since March last year. (Yes I am a little bit bitter being in Manchester haha)…Oh, and I’m 4 months pregnant. So I’m mad enough to bring another baby into the world!!

So as you can see, there’s nothing special about me and no life altering reason that has prompted me to start blogging again. (Unless you count Covid). Ever since I was little I kept a Diary that I would write in each night before bed. The reason I mention the Diary isn’t because I want this blog to be my Diary but because when I kept one I found it a helpful outlet for all the drama of my teenage years. Whilst sadly I am very far away from those teenage years the benefits of writing has always stuck with me. In all honesty I am probably quite late to the blogging party with everything that has happened over the last year. I haven’t had much to share haha plus, this time last year I hadn’t run out of things to watch on Netflix…

For those of you that still use WordPress and have followed me since 2015… hiiii! I did try blogger but I’m back because as much as WordPress bugs me, blogger wasn’t honestly that much easier to use & 10x harder to find interesting blogs to follow & read…

Just a few more things about me… 

Like I said, I am currently 4 months pregnant with my second baby so I am not as active as I would like to be but here are some of the things I love and *may* write about in the near future… again…

Tv Series



(Reviews of the above)

Cross Stitch (I still dabble with crafts when I have the time & patience)

Running – I did train for the London Marathon in 2019/2020 but unfortunately covid ruined those plans. But I will be getting back to it after Baby 2 arrives. That will be another FUN postpartum journey for sure. 

Being a mummy and all things in between

For now, this is me! I hope you stick around and you find something you can relate to 🙂 

Take care, Kim xxx

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