Also known as Mondays to do/wish list 😊

I hope this post finds you well. Here’s a few things I’m up to this week…

⭐️Currently Reading: I am Legend – Richard Matheson

Photo courtesy of Pinterest as the lighting on my book cover is terrible!

⭐️Currently Listening: Shagged, Married, Annoyed podcast (very slowly)

⭐️Currently Stitching: a bookmark design from a recent world of cross stitching magazine

⭐️Currently Watching: Modern Family(s10), The adventures of Sabrina (s1- but I’m not really feeling it at the moment so might start something new…)

⭐️Baby update: 17 weeks. I think I’m starting to feel a little movement but not 100% certain despite it being my second 😅

⭐️Life update: Percy usually goes to nursery full time Monday to Friday whilst my husband & I both work from home. But this week unfortunately there has been a confirmed covid case in Percys bubble so he has to isolate for 10 days. This means back to lockdown 1 routine of my husband taking morning shift & me taking afternoon whilst still trying to work… no idea how people get any home schooling done. Also no idea how we did this for 4 months!! I’m knackered & it’s only day 1 of 5! The only reason today was even possible was because there was a healthy dose of tv involved. I feel a little guilty but it’s only one week (hopefully!)

So with that in mind I’m definitely going to be much slower with my personal hobbies.

⭐️Fitness/well-being: Something I’ve not mentioned much of yet is that this pregnancy I’m trying my best to be as active as possible this time round. Other than it being sensible, I’m motivated by the fact that when I was preggo with Percy I had about 3 stone to lose after. I’m praying it won’t be as bad this time.

Aside from this blog I usually keep my fitness/food insta updated with all things related to that. This week I’ve committed to the following:

⁃ Average of 7k steps over the next 7 days

⁃ At least 1 workout & 1 yoga session

⁃ Continue mindful eating with less naughty snacks

I’ve been pretty kind to myself with these goals this week but honestly getting any kind of steps in whilst wfh is really hard! And definitely not something to be laughed at! Any tips pleaseeee let me know.

What plans have you got this week? Reading, listening or working on anything nice?

I hope you all have a lovely productive week!!

Kim xx


  1. Congrats on baby!! I’m at the 30 week mark, and on baby no.6. I know!! Crazy!! I actually had the toughest time with weight loss when I had my 2nd, which is my oldest son. Took me a whole year to lose the baby weight. I haven’t read I am legend yet, but it’s on my shelf! Hope you’re enjoying it. I loved Sabrina!! Sorry it’s not gripping you 😕Hope you find something you enjoy watching! 💖

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    1. Baby no 6! Wow! Congrats! You must be a supermum!! Loads of my friends say they lost baby weight so easily but to me it really doesn’t come naturally. But it’s all worth it in the end 😊
      Thank you, I am legend is definitely not what I expected so far. But I’m glad it’s only a short read at 160pgs. As for Sabrina, I don’t think it’s the show, I think it’s me. (I love riverdale & it does have similar vibes I think) I’m struggling to be in the mood to watch anything at the moment which isn’t like me at all. It must be a side affect of this lockdown! Hope you’re feeling well at 30 weeks x

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      1. Aw, thanks! I try to be supermom, but I’m really not. 😝 Losing baby weight is hard for me too! Doesn’t make it any easier now that I’m 40. My attention span is pretty short for TV right now. Baby brain? I’ve been watching a lot of cooking shows though. 🤣🤣 Hope you’re feeling well! Do you know what you’re having? ❤️

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      2. Not yet. I’m 18 weeks on Sunday so find out the first week in March. How about you? I’m well most of the time. The hardest part is that my toddler Percy who will be 2 next month still doesn’t sleep through the night… so I’m starting to wonder with the second one on the way whether I’ll ever sleep properly again?! 😂

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      3. Nice!! Yes, I’m having another girl. So 4 girls, 2 boys. 😜 I’ve only had 2 kids that were good sleepers. The rest were awful! It’s hard. But it does get a bit better in the sleep department at some point. I hope you’ll have some help for the first little while 😊💖💖

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