All about me

Hi there,

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Kim, I’m a 29 year old (hate updating that every year!) living in Manchester. If you look over the history of this blog you’ll see that I started this blog mainly to share my love of cross stitch & the projects I was working on. Fast forward 2-3 years & I’ve fallen off the bandwagon & stopped sharing & stitching. Life has very much just got in the way.

Just over two years ago I married my wonderful husband & as much as I love my life with this guy & my cats of course…I’ve decided that 2018 ( now 2019 *gulp*) needed to be about pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I started off well with completing ‘Run Everyday in January’ (RED) for Mind Charity. I hated running… I mean actually detested it! I hate being bad at something.. but come 31st January I completed the challenge with some PBs under my belt & money raised for charity. 🙂

I think now is the time to get back on it when it comes to blog writing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer & never been any good at it! I don’t have the determination, smarts or creativity to do it, but one can dream…

To take on this next challenge I don’t just want my blog to be just about cross stitch anymore. I’m thinking of expanding it to cover all things that I love, not just cross stitch.

Below are a few things I love & *may* write about in the near future…

Cross Stitch

Tv Series



Lazy PJ days

My Cats


Running (pretending)

The Gym

To do lists



Boring new house stuff

Baby – when he arrives & my parenting skills or lack of ☺️

I feel like this list will be never-ending & I will continue to add to it the more I think about it!

For now, this is me! Read ahead at your own peril!

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