All about me

Hi there,

Welcome to my stitchy blog!

My name is Kim. I’m sure you may have guessed from the name of the blog that the main theme of this blog is all about cross stitch. All i want to do is share with you my passion of cross stitching & what I am working on. It also will hopefully keep me motivated & help me finish my projects. Like most people with a craft related hobby I find myself getting really really excited about a chart or kit to start it, get part way through & then find myself excited by something else & move on to that instead… as great as this sounds it means I leave a string of unfinished projects behind me!

I have been cross stitching for just over 3 years, originally I started because my fiancé is a keen Warhammer painter & when we were first together we would be home watching tv & he would paint. I would then get restless & decided i needed to take up a new hobby… After wondering around hobby craft for an hour debating what I would like to try I settled on Cross stitch & have been in love with it ever since. Like most relationships i have my ups & downs (especially when it came to attempting to master french knots!) I do think that eventually I would like to move on to try some other crafts like crochet & knitting but right now I’m thinking stitching is for me!

I originally started with cross stitch kits where you bought in one pack everything you needed & to be honest I think that is how most people start out but, I now prefer charts & using my own threads that I have collected individually. (probably more the organisation of this I enjoy & its so useful having boxes of threads ready for when you pick up your next chart.)

A few quick highlights about my cross stitch loves…

favourite cross stitch designers? Joan Elliott & Lucy Heaton

Who do you stitch for? friends & family mostly. I really enjoy completing small pieces & making them into cards for friends or family.

Favourite completed project? probably one of the greeting cards I have completed. I rarely finish anything else bigger than this!

So yeah, thats me… Each week I will post some ‘Throwback Thursday’ pictures to show you some projects i have finished previously & maybe even some projects I am yet to finish but hope to at some point in the future. On the right hand side are my my recent posts- feel free to take a look…

I hope you enjoy looking over my blog & certainly forgive any grammatical errors I’m certainly not a professional writer! I’m just a girl wanting to show off what she can do with a needle & thread 🙂

Happy Stiching xx


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