#45 Might be worth resetting to a big fat zero!

So apparently my thing now is to post on my blog once a year. Looks like the last time I posted was in March 2018. Such a shame I didn’t post again after I made so much effort with my last post haha

Seems fitting that I start up again in January 2019. New year, new me & all that!

Over the last few years I’ve been back & forth with what I want to blog about. I mean I’m such an interesting person, I just don’t know where to start…

Previously I’ve posted about books & reviews I’ve done, cross stitch projects & most recently I dabbled in posting about pregnancy. But that one fell short after one post. Anyway, safe to say I’m in indecisive person. I’m also very sensible as I thought the best time to start up my blogging again would be 11pm on a Wednesday night. Like I have anything better to do?

So here’s a few things I wanted to get down on *paper* so to speak. I can then elaborate later…

In no particular order…

    I’m 32 weeks pregnant & due to have my first baby boy in March 2019
    Pregnancy itself has been ok so far, got off to a rocky start but I seem to be coping ok. I’ve got a great husband I can always rely on google to answer any worries I might have
    I’m in a creative slump. I so badly want to read & cross stitch more but just haven’t been able to get myself focused. As I say I dabble, I started a book club last year but that’s on pause, I’ve not written a book review in god knows how long let alone finish a book in a decent amount of time
    I spend far too much time on Netflix or browsing my phone when I should be unpacking the last few boxes in our new house we’ve just purchased or doing some sort of prep for this baby!
    I want to keep a journal, but keep failing at this. (See the last two points)

There’s a lot of wanting going on & not enough doing. So here’s hoping I can use this wonderful blog as my sounding board for all of the above. Who needs to pick one when you can have it all?!

Anyway, that’s me done rambling for the evening. See you all in 12 months! 😉

In all seriousness, feel free to drop me a comment & say Hi. let me know what blog tastic stuff you’ve been posting recently!

Kim xx


#42 last WIP post of 2015


I hope this post finds you all well… So Christmas is done & dusted already. How on earth did that happen? 

I had 4 whole days off over Christmas which were lovely and quiet which is just what the doctor ordered.With my time off I wanted to finish an existing WIP rather than starting a new one. It took so much self control not to start something new!! (A crafters ongoing battle I know…) Here’s what I got done:

I spent Christmas finishing the box at the bottom ready for the baby name, date of birth & weight. I also completed the border & finished the back stitch. This is pretty much done now whilst I wait for my friend to pop! Once baby is born I’ll add in the details & brave the French knots. After so much back stitching I couldn’t face them just yet. I need to psych myself up haha! Is it just me that has a love/hate relationship with French knots??!! 

I’m really happy with how it’s turned out & get an awesome feeling of accomplishment when I admire my work… Finishing something so nice really motivates me to stitch more… It certainly keeps my stitchy bug glowing 👍🏻

Once I was done with this (finished by the Sunday) I thought it would be good to stitch something from a new book I purchased a little while ago. (Subversive Cross stitch- 50 clever designs for your sassy side- by Julie Jackson) see post #36

Here’s a sneak peak…

It’s stitched on fancy hand dyed Evenweave fabric by.Chromatic Alchemy The picture doesn’t do it justice… It’s all sparkly. ☺️ I’d recommend using this site for colourful fabrics. 💙

I have now finished the wording on this piece & just have the border to do. But I’ll share a picture next week. It did feel odd stitching a swear word… The little girl in me or maybe it’s just the adult was slightly disapproving that I was stitching ‘I fucking love you’ to frame in my house ha. Heyho, we all have different tastes as it seems appropriate for me & my partner as it’s something we shout at each other frequently 😋
How have you all been getting on over Christmas? Stitched much or been too full to move? Hehe

If I don’t post before, I wish you all a healthy & happy new year!! 💙

Kim xx

#41 The Angel of Cross Stitch

How beautiful is this?! Xx

Joan Elliott

© The Angel of Cross Stitch

JE200 © The Angel of Cross Stitch

Sorry for the delay but here she is…finally!  The Angel of Cross Stitch uses the full palette of DMC six strand embroidery floss, 454 colors! This will surely be a labor of love should you choose to stitch her. It is a wonderful way to dig into your stash and use the left over bits and pieces of floss you’ve been saving all these years. Originally designed in 1999 for the now gone Cross Stitcher magazine in the USA, I have given her an update by including the DMC colors that have been added since that time and deleting any discontinued colors. Even if you do not have all the colors, this design is flexible enough to substitute what you have for many of the stitches. I’ve refined some lines in the face and hands so she has a bit more delicate look than…

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#38 2016 SAL 

Ok, own up… Who put this in my shopping bag?? Frosted Pumpkin 2016 SAL

That makes two SALs (stitch alongs)I’m  completing in 2016… I just couldn’t help myself. Id say I feel guilty but I totally don’t haha 😈

Has anyone else given in & purchased this? 

I hope you’re all keeping out of the rain!

Happy stitching!