#1.0 Does it spark joy?

Well there’s a question.

I’ve been seeing an awful lot on social media about a Netflix series by Marie Kondo ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’

The shows described as Author Marie Kondo offering tips on the art of keeping your home and workspace tidy and organized.

Now, I haven’t actually got round to watching this for a few reasons. Firstly, I love a good tidy & enjoy nothing more than getting rid of things that are cluttering up my house. I don’t think it’s a good idea to watch something that will encourage me to do it more.

Secondly, I want my marriage to work! My husband is a massive hoarder. It’s really quite frustrating how much ‘stuff’ he actually has. We’ve just moved house & it was so painful trying to get him to clear out any rubbish & organise what he wanted to keep. There were several arguments about it. All very frustrating but thankfully we got through it.

The last reason I don’t think it’s a good idea to watch is because I’m in my third trimester & ‘nesting’ will probably kick in soon. I don’t need further encouragement.

As much as I have these reasons not to watch it, I’m intrigued with the mindset behind the work Kondo does. One of the phrases I keep seeing is ‘does it spark joy?’

A valid question but not black & white. I can understand picking up things around my house like a lamp or maybe a dvd & asking this question. But do you think it can be applied to every day life?

I think it can to an extent. But I don’t think it’s that easy! Obviously you ask yourself does your relationship, your work etc spark joy, but if it doesn’t it’s not as simple as putting it in the bin.

Have you watched this Netflix series? Any successful stories of how you’ve used this mantra ‘does it spark joy?’ Let me know!

For now I’ll continue spending copious amounts of time watching Netflix and binge eating as that’s certainly sparking joy in my life until this baby arrives ☺️


#45 Might be worth resetting to a big fat zero!

So apparently my thing now is to post on my blog once a year. Looks like the last time I posted was in March 2018. Such a shame I didn’t post again after I made so much effort with my last post haha

Seems fitting that I start up again in January 2019. New year, new me & all that!

Over the last few years I’ve been back & forth with what I want to blog about. I mean I’m such an interesting person, I just don’t know where to start…

Previously I’ve posted about books & reviews I’ve done, cross stitch projects & most recently I dabbled in posting about pregnancy. But that one fell short after one post. Anyway, safe to say I’m in indecisive person. I’m also very sensible as I thought the best time to start up my blogging again would be 11pm on a Wednesday night. Like I have anything better to do?

So here’s a few things I wanted to get down on *paper* so to speak. I can then elaborate later…

In no particular order…

    I’m 32 weeks pregnant & due to have my first baby boy in March 2019
    Pregnancy itself has been ok so far, got off to a rocky start but I seem to be coping ok. I’ve got a great husband I can always rely on google to answer any worries I might have
    I’m in a creative slump. I so badly want to read & cross stitch more but just haven’t been able to get myself focused. As I say I dabble, I started a book club last year but that’s on pause, I’ve not written a book review in god knows how long let alone finish a book in a decent amount of time
    I spend far too much time on Netflix or browsing my phone when I should be unpacking the last few boxes in our new house we’ve just purchased or doing some sort of prep for this baby!
    I want to keep a journal, but keep failing at this. (See the last two points)

There’s a lot of wanting going on & not enough doing. So here’s hoping I can use this wonderful blog as my sounding board for all of the above. Who needs to pick one when you can have it all?!

Anyway, that’s me done rambling for the evening. See you all in 12 months! πŸ˜‰

In all seriousness, feel free to drop me a comment & say Hi. let me know what blog tastic stuff you’ve been posting recently!

Kim xx

#38 2016 SALΒ 

Ok, own up… Who put this in my shopping bag?? Frosted Pumpkin 2016 SAL

That makes two SALs (stitch alongs)I’m  completing in 2016… I just couldn’t help myself. Id say I feel guilty but I totally don’t haha 😈

Has anyone else given in & purchased this? 

I hope you’re all keeping out of the rain!

Happy stitching! 

#28 Happy Friday folks!

Hey folks,

Happy Friday πŸ™‚

I hope you have lots of stitchy plans this weekend!

I’m so excited that it’s Friday night! There’s nothing like two days off with the only plan being to drink wine, watch Netflix & Stitch πŸ˜€

I hope you all have a lovely weekend xx

Found via Google
Found via Google