Another day closer to meeting you

Thats Tuesday done and I am another day closer to meeting you.

It’s so strange to think that you have been growing inside me for the last 9 months and sharing my body with me.

Every song I listen to, you can hear and every conversation I have about you, you can hear as well. It’s so strange!!

I really can’t wait to meet you. I still can’t get my head around the fact that you are in there waiting to meet me too.

There are so many questions that I have and can’t wait to answer.. some more simple than others…

How big will you be? How much Hair will you have? What colour eyes will you have? Will you love me? Will I be enough for you?

So its just under two weeks until your due date and I am really hoping you will be a few days early or even a few days late. Being a Carter, I suppose it’s expected that you will be late. But I’m sure you will arrive when you are good and ready.

Every day I have fears that something will go wrong, but I am hoping you will let me know? Please, if something isn’t right in your little home inside me, give me notice to fix it. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.

I guess every new mum has these fears and you won’t be able to conquer them as soon as you arrive in this world, and that’s ok.

13 days until you are due and I can’t wait to meet you.


The last 9 months

Hi all!

I thought it would be a good idea to share some of things I’ve learnt over the last 9 months of pregnancy!

I’ve got a feeling I’ll be adding to these over my final month before baby arrives.

Take a look & feel free to comment any additional suggestions, agreements or amendments you think would help!

You’ll see some strange times of day you never thought you’d see until baby arrives. (I started writing this list at 4am one morning when I couldn’t sleep!)

Pregnancy symptoms are like playing bingo. No pregnancy is the same & the symptoms can arrive at completely different times!

Don’t compare yourself to other people. Yes your bump may be bigger or smaller than someone else’s, but don’t stress about it! It really doesn’t matter. (I still struggle with this one everyday!)

Actually listen to your midwife & book in those antenatal classes early. They do genuinely get booked up sooner than you’d think.

Some of the advice you get given you won’t agree with, but one that I do agree with is making sure you take time for you & your partner before baby arrives. There are so many things you take for granted that you won’t be able to do in a few months time.

Invest in a decent pregnancy pillow! It might sound fairly easy to get as much sleep as you can before baby arrives but the biggest challenge is getting comfortable. It’s recommended after 24 weeks to not sleep on your back but to sleep on your side, preferably your left. Sounds easy but using a variety of pillows helps the further along you get.

Even if you’ve never been a back sleep sleeper before, you’ll miss it because you can’t do it!

Don’t stop exercising because you find out you’re pregnant! You can do the same amount of exercise you did before with modifications the further along you get. If you’re like me & panic you stop, and then miss it when it becomes too late to start again when you’re further along

Pregnancy yoga is awesome! It’s great time to take for you & baby. Not only do you get to stretch out to remove any aches & pains you have, you learn some handy breathing exercises & meet other mums to be along the way!

Announcements- don’t rush to tell everyone as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. Wait until the time feels right for you.

Ginger biscuits & ginger tea are a god send when you feel nauseous.

I found listening to podcasts, reading blogs & books not just about pregnancy but parenting really helpful. Again, just take them with a pinch of salt.

Hospital bag- start prepping what you want to take with you at about 25 weeks. It will take a while to decide what you’ll need & you’ll pack/unpack more than you realise

Leave your baby notes in the car for emergencies.

If you are worried about reduced movement or any other symptoms you have. Really don’t hesitate when calling the triage unit at your hospital. You may feel silly, but they really don’t mind calling to check. What’s the worst that can happen?

Keep some heartburn medication on your bedside table for those middle of the night episodes so you aren’t wondering around the house in the dark!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to share any additional tips in the comments ☺️

Kim xxx

#6.0 WIP Wednesday

Hi all!

I’m bringing back ‘Work in Progress’ Wednesday with a twist. Previously I’ve always posted about cross stitch projects, but this time I want to broaden the theme a little. I want to include all things I love & provide you with a midweek update on all the good things in life! The great thing about this is that the stuff I post about can change depending on what I’m up to.

The core themes I’m hoping to cover is books, tv, cross stitch & pregnancy. (Soon to be baby)

So let’s start…

What craft projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m stitching a small cross stitch pattern ready for babies room when it’s ready.

I’ve not done too much stitching since Saturday but hoping to pick it back up over the next few days!

(I’ve not got an up to date picture, so watch this space. I’m sure I’ll post one soon)

What book(s) are you currently reading?

I’m still reading ‘Times Convert’ by Deborah Harkness & on my kindle for nights when I can’t sleep I’m dipping in & out of a book called ‘A good heart is hard to find’ by Trisha Ashley. I’m only a chapter or so in but it seems like a nice easy read. I’ve read other books by the same authors before so they shouldn’t let me down.

I’ve only added one book to my reading challenge this year so far 😕

I honestly feel like I’ve lost my reading mojo at the moment which is really frustrating! If anyone has any tips on how to get back on the track please let me know!

What are you watching right now?

Bones! I’m almost done with the first season. Enjoying it very much & not finding it too much hard work. There are 12 season on amazon prime so I’ve got plenty to keep me going! No doubt I’ll want something like this for when I start my maternity leave.

What’s posts do you have in the pipeline?

I’m in the process of putting together a post about What I have learnt during my pregnancy so far & general tips to support those starting that journey. I’m thinking it’ll be a nice post to look back on in a year when baby is here!

I also really want to establish a few posting themes to get into a routine with my posts. At the moment I’m just posting as & when I feel like it but I wouldn’t mind creating a little structure & consistency. Again, if you have any hints/tips etc then please share them in the comments.

Pregnancy progress

Not really a question but a massive part of my life. I can’t really not post about it can I?! In future I might share what I’ve learnt in the last week about pregnancy or parenting when he’s here! But for now you get a nice update on me & my jellybean.

So, I’m doing ok. I’m 33 weeks & 2 days with 4 weeks left in work. Feeling fine in myself, just getting a little more tired now which is making keeping the house tidy on-top of work & maintaining my hobbies a little difficult. Baby is nice & active which is reassuring. I have a midwife check up on Friday…Just keeping an eye on his growth as he’s a little on the big side. Got myself a little chubby cheeks growing but I’m sure he’s fine.,

So that’s it! There’s my first WIP Wednesday! How’s your week going? What are you currently reading, watching or working on? I’d love to hear.

Have a good evening!

Kim xx

📸 All photos used courtesy of Pinterest 📸

#4.0 Sunday ramblings

Morning all! ⭐️

Just posting a quick update of where I’m up to this weekend.

What I wanted to achieve this weekend:

  • Progress with my one & only active cross stitch project

I have done a little bit more, I’ll share my progress in the next day or so & see if you can guess what it is yet!

  • Read more of my book (Times of Convert by Deborah Harkness) I’m currently on page 245. Ideally I want to reach pg350 by Sunday night

I’m on page 270, so progress has been made but not quite there yet.

  • Attend afternoon tea (Saturday)
  • Attend hospital tour (Sunday)

Booked in for 9:30am this morning

  • Get my nails done (Sunday)

Booked in for straight after the hospital tour. I’m a little nervous about this one. It’s with an old work colleague rather than my usual name place. I don’t think I’m great st small talk! You forget how annoying it is when you move house that the simplest routine stuff needs to change.

  • Reading & practice more of my hypnobirthing book

I did a little bit yesterday, but didn’t practice. Definitely going to practice some of the relaxation before bed.

  • Unpack at least one more box (Front room or bedroom- I’m not picky!)

Smashed this one! If only I could get the house to look more tidy & organised!

  • Fit some rest in there somewhere?!

I’m up super early this morning. I was struggling during the night with heartburn. I’m also at that point where I can find a relatively comfortable position to sit or sleep in but it becomes uncomfortable as soon as I need to move. I think baby is doing fine though. Had a few reassuring kicks this morning telling me he was awake!

So that’s a very brief update on where I’m up to with my weekend goals! Now I’m off to hunt down some breakfast before I go freak out at the hospital a little!

I hope you all had a productive day yesterday! Did you read, stitch, chill? Whatever you did let me know ☺️

#3.0 Afternoon tea, baby clothes & books

Evening all!

I probably should find a more social time to post other than after 10pm, but it seems to be the only time I can get round to posting.

Tonight’s just a quick post about today’s comings & goings. Today has been a productive & happy day ☺️ I hope you can all say the same on what was a pretty miserable Saturday.

This morning my husband put the first layer of paint in our bedroom & I unpacked a few boxes which is something to tick off the to-do list for this weekend. I also managed a little light reading of my Hypnobirthing book.

Then this afternoon we went for a drive to meet up for a friends 30th birthday. Afternoon tea in Clitheroe. It was really good! I’m still full from it now ☺️

On the way back from afternoon tea we stopped in the Trafford Centre to get a few bits & stretch my legs. I’ve found since luke passed his driving test in October that I barely walk at all anymore! That & with my cankles I really struggle so I’m trying to make every effort to be as mobile as possible. I definitely felt it after our walk round the TC. Lower back pain sucks!

Anyhow, whilst we were out I got a few items in prep for baby – disposable underwear, bottoms up spray, nappy rash cream…I also got this ADORABLE outfit which I’ve decided is going to be his ‘coming home’ outfit 😍😍😍

Isn’t it too cute?! I’m so in love with it!!

As a treat I also stopped off in Waterstones (I can never resist!) and picked up a few books for the to read pile. I’ll share a list of them in the next few days.

Finally, tonight when I’ve got in I’ve just chilled with a film ‘Unknown’ and my cross stitch.

Not a bad day all round really! Oh, I also fired off a few posts on my book club page about reading challenges for this year & voting for books to read in Feb. I’ll post more on that later!

I hope you’ve all had a good day & most the most of it.

Sleep well & bring on Sunday 🌟 xxx

#45 Might be worth resetting to a big fat zero!

So apparently my thing now is to post on my blog once a year. Looks like the last time I posted was in March 2018. Such a shame I didn’t post again after I made so much effort with my last post haha

Seems fitting that I start up again in January 2019. New year, new me & all that!

Over the last few years I’ve been back & forth with what I want to blog about. I mean I’m such an interesting person, I just don’t know where to start…

Previously I’ve posted about books & reviews I’ve done, cross stitch projects & most recently I dabbled in posting about pregnancy. But that one fell short after one post. Anyway, safe to say I’m in indecisive person. I’m also very sensible as I thought the best time to start up my blogging again would be 11pm on a Wednesday night. Like I have anything better to do?

So here’s a few things I wanted to get down on *paper* so to speak. I can then elaborate later…

In no particular order…

    I’m 32 weeks pregnant & due to have my first baby boy in March 2019
    Pregnancy itself has been ok so far, got off to a rocky start but I seem to be coping ok. I’ve got a great husband I can always rely on google to answer any worries I might have
    I’m in a creative slump. I so badly want to read & cross stitch more but just haven’t been able to get myself focused. As I say I dabble, I started a book club last year but that’s on pause, I’ve not written a book review in god knows how long let alone finish a book in a decent amount of time
    I spend far too much time on Netflix or browsing my phone when I should be unpacking the last few boxes in our new house we’ve just purchased or doing some sort of prep for this baby!
    I want to keep a journal, but keep failing at this. (See the last two points)

There’s a lot of wanting going on & not enough doing. So here’s hoping I can use this wonderful blog as my sounding board for all of the above. Who needs to pick one when you can have it all?!

Anyway, that’s me done rambling for the evening. See you all in 12 months! 😉

In all seriousness, feel free to drop me a comment & say Hi. let me know what blog tastic stuff you’ve been posting recently!

Kim xx

#13 Welcome to the World! #CrossStitch


So I finally had one those weekends I’ve been waiting for & finished the card I mentioned in my last post. I’ve had a 3 day weekend because of how my shifts fall & used my Saturday well 🙂 Sunday was fairly productive & Today, not so much. But that’s ok, I got this done & that’s all I wanted from this weekend 🙂

Below is a picture of the completed project before I added the back stitch. I decided to show a photo before & after, more so I can compare how it looks. I don’t enjoy the back stitch point in any design but absolutely love the effect it has once it’s done!  I always think that without back stitch a project never looks complete…. don’t get me wrong, I would love it if it wasn’t essential.

Before the Back stitch was completed

Here is a picture of the finished piece 🙂 🙂 I’m really happy with it & love the colours 🙂

Completed stitch before it’s been added to the card

Finally, Below I have put on a picture of the chart book I used for this project, as I said in my previous post I need to find a way to keep a record of who designed what I’m stitching. The Design above is by Lesley Teare. I LOVE this chart book that came free with a cross stitch magazine & usually use them well! I have used it a few times & still have a few more I want to use. If you come across this on eBay, I would recommend buying it!

Chart book I used by Lesley Teare.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I look forward to seeing everyones WIP posts on Wednesday. I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be stitching next… I’ll probably go back to something I haven’t finished. I go on Holiday to Sunny Morocco on Thursday for 2 weeks so I don’t want to start anything new!

I want to take some stitching away with me, Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on how to go about doing this? I wish we could stitch on the plane but Its not possible without scissors and a needle 😦

Anyway, I hope to post on Wednesday before I go away & at least put some ‘Throwback Thursday’ posts in place as I have plenty of work to share with you…. 🙂

I hope you all have a good week!

Kim x

#10 WIP Cross stitch *08.04.15*

Happy Wednesday guys!

Above is my current WIP… As I said last week it’s for a colleague who’s baby is due on May 4th. She goes on maternity leave on 17th so I’ve got to make sure it’s done before she leaves! I’ve got a 3 day weekend ahead so fingers crossed I get it finished on time!!!

I hope you all had a productive Easter weekend & got lots of stitching done 🙂