Book to TV Adaption…

Thought of the day… What book to film/tv adaption has let you down?

Are there any you are excited to see in the near future?

Here’s a few that spring to mind for me…


Harry Potter

The Hunger games

The Help


Game of Thrones

Discovery of Witches


My Sister’s Keeper

The Maze Runner

The Lovely Bones

(I’m certain there will be more but I can’t think of any immediately at the moment)

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below…


#3.0 Afternoon tea, baby clothes & books

Evening all!

I probably should find a more social time to post other than after 10pm, but it seems to be the only time I can get round to posting.

Tonight’s just a quick post about today’s comings & goings. Today has been a productive & happy day ☺️ I hope you can all say the same on what was a pretty miserable Saturday.

This morning my husband put the first layer of paint in our bedroom & I unpacked a few boxes which is something to tick off the to-do list for this weekend. I also managed a little light reading of my Hypnobirthing book.

Then this afternoon we went for a drive to meet up for a friends 30th birthday. Afternoon tea in Clitheroe. It was really good! I’m still full from it now ☺️

On the way back from afternoon tea we stopped in the Trafford Centre to get a few bits & stretch my legs. I’ve found since luke passed his driving test in October that I barely walk at all anymore! That & with my cankles I really struggle so I’m trying to make every effort to be as mobile as possible. I definitely felt it after our walk round the TC. Lower back pain sucks!

Anyhow, whilst we were out I got a few items in prep for baby – disposable underwear, bottoms up spray, nappy rash cream…I also got this ADORABLE outfit which I’ve decided is going to be his ‘coming home’ outfit 😍😍😍

Isn’t it too cute?! I’m so in love with it!!

As a treat I also stopped off in Waterstones (I can never resist!) and picked up a few books for the to read pile. I’ll share a list of them in the next few days.

Finally, tonight when I’ve got in I’ve just chilled with a film ‘Unknown’ and my cross stitch.

Not a bad day all round really! Oh, I also fired off a few posts on my book club page about reading challenges for this year & voting for books to read in Feb. I’ll post more on that later!

I hope you’ve all had a good day & most the most of it.

Sleep well & bring on Sunday 🌟 xxx

#15 Star Wars day

Hello again!

So last week was Star Wars day! Every year our friends meet up in one of our houses & watch all the films… It’s a proper marathon! To get myself through these marathons I take the opportunity to have a FULL day stitching!

This year I wanted to start something new & also make it related to Star Wars, so off to Etsy I went & I found a cute little owl chart with a Star Wars theme… I thought it was perfect as I’m pretty obsessed with owls as well πŸ™‚

Below is what I was able to complete on Star Wars day… Probably about 50% of it!

Sorry for the quality of the photo! My friends wanted to keep the light fairly dim which was challenging at times!

I was thinking of leaving this project until the next Star Wars day to finish & I could then stamp the date on each owl… What do you think? Part of me wants to finish it sooner rather than later… I’m not sure… I’ll maybe see where the mood takes me!

Did anyone else take part in the film marathon on May 4th? Has anyone stitched anything related to a film?

Kim x