#7.0 TBT Cross Stitch

I’m using Thursdays throwback this week as an opportunity to showcase some of my old cross stitch projects I’ve completed over the last few years. Here are just a few of them…

bring on some stitchy motivation!!

Most of these are pieces I completed & gifted to other people (my fave thing to do with finished xstitch)

If you would like any more details about the designs used just comment below & I’ll do my best to dig out the original post!


#20 TBT Wedding stitch

 Evening all,

As per our Thursday tradition it’s ‘Throwback Thursday’. This week I wanted to share with you all the final picture I took of a wedding gift I made for my friends last month. (This was before I slowly ironed & framed it!) Surprise surprise it was another Joan Elliott (LOVE her) design called “Tandem Wedding”. It was an absolute pleasure to stitch. I’m not a fan of stitching in one colour for too long as it can get boring. This design however, had enough detail so I didn’t feel like I was stitching in one colour for too long.

I started this one in January this year & finished it towards the end of July.(Several breaks throughout to move between different WIPS as always hehe)

Tandem Wedding
Tandem Wedding

I’m not sure if you can see from the picture attached but rather than using french knots (I lost my patience with them), I decided to use seed beads. I was really happy with the final piece & certainly will look to use seed beads in future to add a twist to the design I am stitching.

Does any one have any projects they have tried to use seed beads rather than french knots?

Well, the best advice I can give if you want to give it a go is firstly, to make sure you use a solid service like a table when stitching, this ensures you don’t loose the beads & they go on straighter & firmer. Secondly, don’t just assume any needle will do! I spent ages going through my needle stash to find one thin enough to use to attach the beads. There are needles you can buy that are designed for beading.. I would suggest you have some of those ready to use! Finally, be patient! it is fiddly but persevere & you will love the results 🙂

Has anyone tried using sequins before? I’ve always imagined they would make a lovely alternative to french knots… let me know your thoughts!

What #TBT projects have you got to share? feel free to leave a link with your post in the comments so we can have a look 🙂

Happy Stitching!

Kim xx