#15 Star Wars day

Hello again!

So last week was Star Wars day! Every year our friends meet up in one of our houses & watch all the films… It’s a proper marathon! To get myself through these marathons I take the opportunity to have a FULL day stitching!

This year I wanted to start something new & also make it related to Star Wars, so off to Etsy I went & I found a cute little owl chart with a Star Wars theme… I thought it was perfect as I’m pretty obsessed with owls as well 🙂

Below is what I was able to complete on Star Wars day… Probably about 50% of it!

Sorry for the quality of the photo! My friends wanted to keep the light fairly dim which was challenging at times!

I was thinking of leaving this project until the next Star Wars day to finish & I could then stamp the date on each owl… What do you think? Part of me wants to finish it sooner rather than later… I’m not sure… I’ll maybe see where the mood takes me!

Did anyone else take part in the film marathon on May 4th? Has anyone stitched anything related to a film?

Kim x