#34 Waiting…

As I sit here waiting for a bus home… (It’s never ending) I thought it would be a good time to share my Throwback Thursday post of the week 🙂 

Because I’ve talked a lot about cross stitch exchanges recently I thought it would be a good to continue the theme 😛

This weeks TBT post is a coaster I completed earlier this year… Possibly summertime? Here it is: 

The pattern is by Michael Powell. Here’s his  Webpage so you can see some of his wonderful designs.

It’s the first of his patterns I’ve stitched before & it was something that definitely tested my patience! In the design the threads at times called for two different colours stitched at the same time. Very fussy to do but I was really pleased by the final affect! 

I’m hoping to stitch some more of his patterns in the future! 

What do you think? 

Have any of you taken part in some fun cross stitch exchanges before? Let me know about your experience. 

I hope you’re all well… I’m slowly on the mend 🙂 Thank you for all your well wishes! 

P.S. I’m totally waiting for the bus still… Good old public transport! *sigh*

Kim xx 


#27 Xmas Decks

Hey Stitchers,

I hope this week is treating you all well. I’ve had a tough few days at work & to top it off, I wrote out this week’s TBT post, published it & it’s disappeared! Its very odd. It just sums up my week. BRING ON THE WEEKEND!!

If you end up seeing a slightly different version of this post again, Sorrryyyy :’)

The Mr has invited a friend over to play some table top games this weekend so It means I have an excuse to make a den in the bedroom with my laptop playing Netflix & Stitching. Sounds like my kind of heaven ❤

This week I wanted to share with you some Xmas decorations I made a few years back. I’m feeling so cold & Christmassy at the moment so It fits well with my mood!

xmas desks

I really like the colours & that I can bring this out each year to decorate/personalise my tree! 🙂 It was a free kit from yet another cross stitch magazine!

Below is the second one that came with the kit…

xmas deck 3

I know it’s pretty traditional for Christmas card to be stitched each year, what do you do? I know stitching a decoration made a nice change for me. If you have stitched something different before, share it in the comments below! I’m hoping your comments & posts will help me make it to the weekend 😛

what do you all stitch for xmas? or do you give it a miss entirely?

Anyway, only one day until the weekend! 😀

Found on Easy via Pinterest
Found on Easy via Pinterest

(Its not about Netflix & Chill but Netflix & Stitch! :P)

#23 It’s a Throwback…

It’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ timmmeeee!

So after browsing my photo album of completed projects I thought it would be a good idea to share a project I completed last year as part of a round robin. The Theme was birds…

It was the first round robin I ever took part in & it was lots of fun! I liked the challenge of being given a theme & finding something to stitch for it. It was the perfect opportunity for me to sit on the floor surrounded by my cross stitch magazines browsing lots and lots and lots of charts & picking out something I thought would work well. It probably pushed me to the next level of stitching from charts rather than using kits. As I’ve said previously, I much prefer using charts & my own threads rather than faffing with strings of thread trying to work out which one is medium tan & light tan…ha 🙂

There were four of us with different themes. Last years were Cakes, Birds, Teddy Bears & Fantasy. I’m sure over the next few weeks I’ll show you my other RR squares!

Anyway, So here it is!

Bird themed round robin square
Bird themed round robin square

Have any of you taken part in a RR before? I’ve tried to complete one this year but its failed miserably due to one person falling behind & not communicating with the rest of the group! It’s a little frustrating when that happens.

It’s worth mentioning that when everyone pulls together & does it to the deadline (give or take a week), it really pays off & you end up with an awesome finished piece!

If any of you lovely stitchers are interested in getting involved in a round robin then let me know. It seems to work well in groups of four… We would send each other the addresses, agree on an order & completion dates & away we go! 🙂 drop me a comment if you would be interested!

On another note, I purchased a new handbag this week (a guilty pleasure) & it has hoops on either side where the straps could be extended. Anyway, I was thinking it would be a good idea to stitch a little keyring to attach to my bag & personalise it. So, I started browsing my magazines (as you do) & came across 3 different small designs I want to stitch for special events I have coming up in the next 2 months. Typically, I’ve now been sidetracked with starting these little card designs for my friends… So watch this space… more small projects to share soon!!

I told you I would get distracted from my main project. Click the link Here to see how far I’ve got on my baby sampler 🙂

Happy Stitching 🙂

#11 TBT Cross Stitch *09.04.15*

Hi there,

Above is my TBT post of the week! It’s a small project I completed for one of my best friends. I always feel bad that I can’t name the designer, but I can tell you it’s another design I used from one of my cross stitch magazines!

The more I post these TBT posts, the more I feel like I need to somehow keep a log of where I got the design from & who designed it! How do you do this? Any smart ideas?

When you stitch, who/what do you stitch for? I really enjoy stitching for other people… It gives me purpose & I love handing over a handmade gift… It usually means so much more! Saying that… I can’t decide if I’ll stitch this particular friend a gift again… I was in her room recently & couldn’t see this anywhere! I half thought it would have pride of place somewhere! Silly me!

My other reason I’m feeling this way is because recently I stitched her a card & she left it in the pub! 😦

So yeah, one more day at work until my weekend can begin! Saturday has been left free just to stitch 🙂

Happy stitching 🙂

Kim x

#9 Homemade Christmas cards

My tbt for this week. Christmas cards I completed in 2014. Only finished 4 but enjoyed making my first xmas cards. if I remember rightly it took me from Sept-Dec to finish them. I *think* the designs were by Lucy Heaton. (Please correct me if I’m wrong)

My favourite is the christmas muffin!

Happy Easter weekend 🙂

#6 Throwback Thursday Cross stitch


Here is my first ‘Throwback Thursday’ post of the blog. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you a picture of something I have completed previously.

Each week I will post something that I have finished previously or even dust off something I am yet to finish to show you all.

Below is a keyring i completed for one of the New Year exchanges i took part in earlier this year. I am part of a cross stitch group called ‘Cross stitch friends in the UK’ which organises exchanges on a monthly basis. I have only taken part in a few of them but have always really enjoyed them. They pair you up with someone with a theme in mind you then stitch them something & send it to them by the end of the month. I haven’t taken part in any recently because I have had a lot on with work & the last thing I want to do is let anyone down. This is the last one I took part in.

I think if I remember rightly I took the little bird from a cross stitch crazy magazine & added the year 2015 to it. It only took me an hour & it felt so rewarding completing it! plus it also looks very cute if i do say so myself!

For those of you on Facebook  I would certainly recommend having a look at this group I mentioned. It is such a lovely group to be a part of & it’s just another way that I share the work I’m doing & browse what everyone is up to as well! I know I have said this a few times but when I’ve lost my stitchy bug, looking at other peoples lovely work helps. Also…completing small projects like this help reawaken the stitchy bug 🙂

Have any of you taken part in exchanges before? what was the theme & what did you do?

Happy #Tbt guys 🙂