#36 Slow week

Hi all, 

Wednesday is almost over! Which means we’re one day closer to Friday! Yayyyyyyy 🙂 I’m off work this weekend too which is a bonus! 

This week has been particularly busy which sadly means I’ve not picked up my stitching since Sunday. I’m not getting in until 9:30 & I’m usually in the land of nod by 11:30 so yeah… Not much time for stitchy fun unfortunately. 

Last week I posted the progress i’d made on my magical creatures border. Since then I’ve put that down & picked up a much older WIP which is a Xmas stitch I started last October. Some of you may remember it! 


Toy Shop by Joan Elliott. 

Yes that’s right I’m back to a good old Joan Elliott pattern. I was watching Home Alone 2 & feeling Christmassy 🙂 

The part I was stitching on Thursday & Sunday was the top left box with the train & globe. I’ll probably complete the back stitch of that box before moving back to my border on my other WIP. 

Here’s a close up: 

In other stitching news, I’ve been shopping online again! I have zero willpower I know 😦 This is what I bought:

I’m sure I’ll find something nice to stitch 🙂 Have any of you stitched something from this book before? If so, I’d love to see it!! 

Anyway my dears, I hope this post finds you well! 

What are you all working on? 

Happy Wednesday 🙂 


#26 Teddy bear sampler

Well it’s that time of week again where we show off what we are currently working on! 

Just a quick post this week as I shared the majority of my work on Sunday. Which you can see below on post #25

My main WIP this week is the Teddy Sampler by Lesley Teare.  I do love this little cutie! I’m now all stocked up on threads again so I can continue my work. Here’s what I’ve done so far:  

The picture above really shows my main progress (if any) this week on this project. 

I hope you like it 🙂 

This week I’m on lates which explains my limited progress. I am however off work this weekend AND I’m off most of next week so I’m hoping to get some more stitching done! I’m heading back home to Southampton next week for a friends wedding so fingers crossed its not too hectic! 

As always feel free to share in the comments any links to your WIP. 

Happy Wednesday 🙂 


#10 WIP Cross stitch *08.04.15*

Happy Wednesday guys!

Above is my current WIP… As I said last week it’s for a colleague who’s baby is due on May 4th. She goes on maternity leave on 17th so I’ve got to make sure it’s done before she leaves! I’ve got a 3 day weekend ahead so fingers crossed I get it finished on time!!!

I hope you all had a productive Easter weekend & got lots of stitching done 🙂

#8 WIP Wednesday *01.04.15*

Happy Wednesday guys!

I hope you are all having a good week & looking forward to a long Weekend off work due to Easter. For those of you working… I feel your pain. I’m working Saturday so my wonderful 4 day weekend will actually be 3 days broken up! Woe is me!

So last week I posted a picture for my wip post of my ‘bothy threads- Alice in wonderland.’ I have done very little work on this, so much so I won’t even bother showing you my non-existent ‘progress’ lol. So as usual the ‘butterfly effect’ has hit again.

What I mean by this, is as I previously mentioned I’m good at stitching on a regular basis but I move between projects like a butterfly moving between bright flowers. Each cross stitch design I start is a bright flower that’s caught my attention!!

So yes as I was saying.. As predicted when I start a big project I jump around quite a bit between different things. So while I was feeling a bit deflated by my Alice & wonderland I suddenly realised that my managers baby boy is due on 4th May & I MUST stitch them something for this wonderful occasion… I’m sure you know what it’s like!

I’m starting to think I’m much better at completing smaller projects! Why is that? I can only assume it’s because I can see my progress more which is more motivating!

Below is the project I’ve just started working on…

The design is from a booklet I got with a cross stitch crazy magazine. The design is by Lesley Teare. I’ve also decided that rather than stitching on my usual white/cream Aida that I would use some light blue/shiny glitter Aida. I think it’s going well!

What are you working on at the moment? Has anyone done anything for Easter this year?