He’s here!!

Finally! My beautiful baby boy arrived on 21st March 2019 weighing a big 9lb 4oz.

I actually can’t believe he is here! My perfect little bundle of joy. I’m a mummy 🥰!

Baby Percy.

In a week or so when we’re more settled I’ll post an update on my labour/child birth.

I hope you’re all well xxx


41 Weeks

41 weeks today & still waiting for this beautiful baby boy to arrive.

I’m booked in for an induction on Friday afternoon – which happens to be exactly what I didn’t want. (Bar a C Section!)

My emotions have been all over the place during the last week in particular. I’ve gone from excited that this baby will arrive imminently, to frustration when nothing happens! Questioning every ache & pain…

I went for a sweep on Friday. I honestly went in trying to manage my expectations that only 24% successfully start labour. (Can’t remember where I read this stat, it may not even be right) I picture myself as a fairly unlucky individual when it comes to stuff like this so I kept telling myself the chances of anything happening was unlikely.

I hate being right!!

After a very uncomfortable process I stupidly got my hopes up. 24 hours passed with lower back pain, stomach cramps (all good!) 48 hours pass & I start to loose my mucus plug & get excited. Another day passes and again I go through a full night of period like cramps and then… nothing 😭

I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy thankfully with minimal nausea, aches & pains. But no one prepares you for how frustrating this part of the pregnancy journey is! When will it end? Why can’t babies just been on time like everything else is?! I can track my period but yet it’s not so simple when waiting 10 months for a baby to arrive 😣

Last night, after getting upset & sulking for a bit, I’ve decided none of this is worth getting so worked up about. I should be making the most of my last week of freedom. I’ve accepted there really isn’t anything I can do to encourage this baby to arrive so my new plan is to try & just ‘go with it’. I’ve banned myself from googling early signs of labour along with posts about other people being late… they aren’t helping & it’s causing me to obsess.

After I made this decision, I had a bubble bath, did a face mask, listened to my audiobook & ultimately just tried to relax.

So, I don’t really have a point to this post other than to share my frustration & get it out on paper so to speak. Here’s hoping that this time next year, or even next month I look back & smile at this post. I know the best is yet to come!!

Any tips or suggestions to get through the next 5 days before I go in for my induction? Have you been induced? Please share any positive stories you have 🙂

Kim xx

WIP Wednesday

Hi all,

Happy Wednesday! This weekend just gone I managed to finish my only working cross stitch project.

Take a look:

The design is from a kit I purchased in Aldi in January as part of their baby event. The intention has always been to frame the finished project & put it in the babies room when it’s done. I LOVE how the backstitch always makes the design pop! ❤️

Admittedly it’s not quite finished yet…The chart does have some french knots which I’ve avoided doing as I’ve got a short temper & don’t think I’ll be able to do them at the moment. (It’s been a while since I’ve completed any) I’m debating picking up some small beads instead to give it some sparkle 😁

If I do pick them up again I’ll need to watch a ‘How to’ video on YouTube first to refresh my memory!

Is it just me that struggles with French knots?!

For now, I’ve moved on to the second chart that was included in the kit. Two reasons for this, it’s using the same set of threads I’m using, so if I don’t complete the chart I’ll probably end up binning the threads because it’s so messy! It’s really not my cup of tea having the threads like this.

Previously I’ve always purchased threads individually & put them on to bobbins & build the kit up myself.

The last reason I’ve started this chart straight after is because I’m honestly just trying to keep busy. I have plenty of cross stitch charts/projects etc at home but since we moved in December I haven’t got round to sorting out my stash… one day I’ll get round to it!

Later this week when there’s more to it, I’ll share my progress on my new xstitch.

What are you stitching at the moment? Have you stitched anything for your little one before? Share a picture or link to your posts in the comments so I can take a look!

Happy stitching!

Kim xxx

Maternity leave woes

Hi all,

I’ve just strolled past my due date yesterday without anything exciting happening & still have countless days until baby is due to arrive. 😬

Bar labour I’m guessing…(I’ve obviously not experienced it yet being a first-time mum) this seems to be the toughest bit…Sat at home waiting & wondering when the baby will make an appearance. Questioning every little twinge or movement you get… that being said, I have so much spare time on my hands at the moment that I thought it would be therapeutic to write down parts of this wonderful journey I’m on that annoy me a little 😂

(Yes, I’m well aware I sound cranky & that people just mean well)

1.Sleep is a distant memory. Previously you’ve had the odd night you can’t sleep but now it starts to ramp up & you feel like you don’t sleep any more than 2 hours at a time – someone said that it’s your bodies way of preparing for when the baby is here. To me, it seems like some sick joke haha

2.You get so bored. Remember when your alarm clock used to go off & you would count the days/hours to your next lie in or day off?! There’s only so much you can do to keep yourself entertained whilst waiting for your baby to arrive.

Side note- what did people do before Netflix?!

3. As much as you appreciate people asking how you are, it gets a bit tedious being asked how you’re getting on & counting down the days until baby arrives.

4. On that note, the question of ’have you get everything ready?’

’I should hope so Patricia. This baby is due to arrive imminently.’

5. You think you’ll be dead productive with your time off, you’ll go for long walks, clean the house, do batch cooking but in fact you have zero energy to do any of this. I’m starting to imagine by baby boy as a vampire. It’s not healthy lol.

I’m constantly experiencing an internal battle with myself about taking time to relax & rest up Vs. Getting things done in the house & not feeling like I’ve wasted a day or been lazy.

What did you do with your time off before the baby arrived? Is there anything you wish you did more or less of?

Kim xx

Reading challenge March 2019

Just a quick update on my PopSugar reading challenge of 2019.

I’m pleased that I’m picking up momentum with the books I’ve read year to date. Currently on 8/25. (of course, it may have something to do with the fact I’ve been off work for 2 weeks waiting for the baby to arrive!)

You can find out more about this reading challenge by clicking the link here.

Click on the links for the book reviews I’ve written so far. I’m very behind on my reviews so watch this space, I’m hoping to catch up.

What I’ve ticked off so far…

A book becoming a movie in 2019

A book that makes you nostalgic

✓ A book written by a musician – Eve of Man by Giovanna & Tom Fletcher

A book you think should be turned into a movie

A book with at least 1 million ratings on Goodreads

A book with a plant in the title or cover

A reread of a fave book

✓ A book about a hobby – The Marble Collector – Cecelia Ahern

✓ A book you meant to read in 2018- To all the boys I’ve lived before- Jenny Han

A book with Pop, Sugar or Challenge in the title

A book with an item of clothing or accessory on the cover

✓ A book inspired by mythology, folklore or legend – Time’s Convert- Deborah Harkness

A book published posthumously

A book you see someone reading on tv or in a film

A retelling of a classic

A book with a question in the title

A book set on a college or university campus

A book about someone with a superpower

A book with multiple character POVs

A book set in space

A book by two female authors

A book with a title that includes salty, sweet, spicy or bitter

A book set in Scandinavia

A book that takes place in a single day

A debut novel

A book published in 2019

A book featuring an extinct or imaginary creature

A book recommended by a celebrity you admire

A book with Love in the title

A book featuring an amateur detective

A book about family

A book written by an author from Asia, Africa or South America

A book with a zodiac sign or astrology term in the title

A book that includes a wedding

A book by an author whose first and last name start with the same letter

A ghost story

A book with a two-word title

✓ A novel based on a true story – The Innocent Man – John Grisham

A book revolving around a puzzle or game

Fave prompt from a past popsugar challenge —— (to be confirmed)

So, a few ticked off! I have one book I’ve read that I can’t make fit into the challenge, but that may change the further I get into the challenge as each of them are open to interpretation.

Are you part of this reading challenge? Or even a different one? Tell me about it! How are you getting on!?

Kim xx

Did you know…

Just a bit of fun so you can get to know me a little better…

5 random facts about me

I split my Big Mac burger in half to eat it. So it’s genuinely like eating two burgers. (It’s also the only burger I do it with)

I have heterochromia iridis (a variety of color within a single iris) it appears as if I have two different colour eyes if you look closely. One is greenish/brown, the other blueish green. Not noticeable unless you’re making a lot of eye contact with me.

I have two cats. Sophie & Misty. We’ve had them for about 5 years. We got them off gumtree for £20(?!). We were asked to take them together but still to this day can’t understand why. They aren’t friends.

I used to do Baton twirling from the age of 4 to 13. It involved taking part in competitions & carnivals around the south of England. I still have dreams about it now.

I’ve been to a lot of gigs. My favourite being a band called Walk off the Earth who I’ve seen 4 times

Check them out on YouTube here. They’re awesome.

Can you relate to any of these probably not-so-interesting facts about me?

Share a random fact about yourself in the comments 😁 don’t be a stranger!

Kim xxx

Book to TV Adaption…

Thought of the day… What book to film/tv adaption has let you down?

Are there any you are excited to see in the near future?

Here’s a few that spring to mind for me…


Harry Potter

The Hunger games

The Help


Game of Thrones

Discovery of Witches


My Sister’s Keeper

The Maze Runner

The Lovely Bones

(I’m certain there will be more but I can’t think of any immediately at the moment)

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Childbirth: Fact vs Fiction

Just a quick ramble this evening.

Tomorrow I’m 39 weeks pregnant & I’m probably as ready as I’ll ever be.

That being said, my inner teenager is still there wanting to read all the baby books I’ve not finished so I can cram last minute facts about labour & looking after a newborn baby but currently, I’m resisting!

I started maternity leave just under two weeks ago & I’ve watched A LOT of TV on Amazon & Netflix. Something that I’m noticing on my watching binges is the number of labour scenes out there in film & TV that aren’t remotely accurate!

Why is something that happens every day so inaccurate on tv?

Here are a few things I’m picturing wrong with these labour scenes.

1. Waters breaking. There seem to be far too many scenes that come to mind where the first sign of labour the woman has is a very dramatic scene of their waters breaking. From all the research I’ve done (because I’m that mum to be) it’s unlikely to happen this way. I’m far more likely to have other symptoms before my waters break & if my waters breaking is the first sign of labour there’s no guarantee it’ll be a massive gush. It could be a trickle.

This scene from the Sex in the city movie always comes to mind when I think of waters breaking.

2. The Timing. I’ve just watched an episode of Bones where Temperance gives birth to baby Christine. This isn’t the first labour scene I’ve watched on Bones this week but this one annoyed me a little. She suddenly believes she’s in labour, gets in the car & then can’t make it 10 miles to the nearest hospital… again, that seems unlikely. I’m sure a lot of this is done was for entertainment purposes but still sets a bit of unrealistic expectation of how quick labour is likely to be.

3. The position woman gives birth in.

This is the last & biggest pet peeve I currently have. Why do they always have the woman giving birth on her back?! That apparently is the most uncomfortable position to be in whilst birthing & not necessarily the most productive.

The last thing I want to do at 39 weeks pregnant is laying on my back. It’s uncomfortable & makes me feel like a turtle stuck on my back!

I need to take into consideration that I haven’t yet gone through the milestone of giving birth & I know I’m being a bit of a Hermione relying heavily on books rather than experience. But it’s annoying!

Mums & Dads out there that have experienced the joys of childbirth, what do you think? Surely it must come across as inaccurate & a little frustrating to watch, especially when you’ve experienced it!

Let me know your thoughts? After thousands of years of women giving birth, why do you think they still get it wrong on tv?

Thanks for stopping by

Kim xx

Photos courtesy of Pinterest & Giphy.

Another day closer to meeting you

Thats Tuesday done and I am another day closer to meeting you.

It’s so strange to think that you have been growing inside me for the last 9 months and sharing my body with me.

Every song I listen to, you can hear and every conversation I have about you, you can hear as well. It’s so strange!!

I really can’t wait to meet you. I still can’t get my head around the fact that you are in there waiting to meet me too.

There are so many questions that I have and can’t wait to answer.. some more simple than others…

How big will you be? How much Hair will you have? What colour eyes will you have? Will you love me? Will I be enough for you?

So its just under two weeks until your due date and I am really hoping you will be a few days early or even a few days late. Being a Carter, I suppose it’s expected that you will be late. But I’m sure you will arrive when you are good and ready.

Every day I have fears that something will go wrong, but I am hoping you will let me know? Please, if something isn’t right in your little home inside me, give me notice to fix it. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.

I guess every new mum has these fears and you won’t be able to conquer them as soon as you arrive in this world, and that’s ok.

13 days until you are due and I can’t wait to meet you.