#MondayMotivation 22/02/21

Also known as Mondays to do/wish list 😊

I hope this post finds you well. Last week I shared my plans for the week ahead as well as a general update on all things I’m interested in. I found it beneficial so thought I’d keep going with it! Here’s a few things I’m up to this week…

⭐️Currently Reading: Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. I’m getting through it quicker than I thought I would. I’m loving & hating the hopeless characters that Kinsella writes (Think Becky from confessions of a shopaholic). Over the weekend I finished I am Legend. (See below for my review) 😊

⭐️Currently Listening: Greenlights by Matthew MCConaughey. His voice is like treacle 😍

⭐️Currently Stitching: a bookmark design from a recent world of cross stitching magazine. I’ll take a picture & share it soon but making slow progress with it so far.

⭐️Currently Watching: Modern Family(s10), also making our way through the Marvel films. We’re watching them in the order the events took place rather than order released. It’s working well so far & is something that Luke & I enjoy watching together. Oh, I’m also up to date & watching Riverdale S5 weekly. 😁 what are your thoughts on the new season of Riverdale?

⭐️Baby update: 18 weeks & counting. I got to hear the babies heartbeat on Friday which was lovely & very reassuring. Feeling well in myself, just constantly hungry. This week we also started the adventure of moving Percy from his cot to a big boy bed. The first night went really well. He only fell out twice bless him. I’m sure I’ll do a post soon on how we went about it & what we’ve learnt so far !

⭐️Life update: last week I shared how Percy unfortunately had been in touch with a positive COVID case at nursery so was isolating for 10 days whilst Luke & I both juggled working from home. We survived!! Percy was an absolute angel, watched far too much tv but didn’t seem too worried that we couldn’t give him our full attention which was good. The house felt very quiet today.

⭐️Fitness/well-being: I continue to battle with the inner fatty in me & try to eat well. Last week I said I was hoping to get 7k steps a day average, 1 workout & 1 yoga session as well as mindful eating. Steps came out at about 5k per day, I did my yoga & workout. I’ve started using the RWL app for prenatal workouts & enjoyed it 😁

This week again I’m committing to the following:

⁃ Average of 7k steps over the next 7 days~ I swear this is harder whilst wfh

⁃ At least 1 workout & 1 yoga session

⁃ Continue mindful eating … I may or may not have had KFC for dinner tonight so it’s going well haha

What plans have you got this week? Reading, listening or working on anything nice?

I hope you all have a lovely productive week!!

Kim xx

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